Eagle River & the Anchorage area

Eagle River is just a short drive N-E from Anchorage.

We arrive at Terrace Lane, and turn into...

Bob & Cherie's home in Eagle River

Where Jean finds this greeting - her birthday is the next day.

While in town, we attend the Anchorage Saturday Market with
Bob & Cherie, as they work their Alaska Antler Art booth

Where Bob & Cherie, every summer Saturday, display, and sell his artistic endeavors

As can be seen here, and below


Bob is describing to a potential customer how the antler handled, magnesium & flint Fire Starters work

While Bob is demonstrating to a rapt couple, Cherie is preparing an order for a customer

And - the Salmon are running ...

At a little stream that feeds into the Eagle River near their home

They are furious to get upstream to lay their eggs - an amazing feat of nature


At nearby Lake Louise, a float plane is ready to take on a few passengers...

And lifts off successfully. Note the beautiful background. A "norm" in Alaska

At a restaurant in Palmer, a wooden bear greets you, and then...

...watches you as you enjoy your meal.

A late almost sunset (about 10 pm) taken through a northern window from Bob & Cherie's home

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