Traveling along the Richardson Highway, and more (AK Route 1, then 4, and finally 2)

The weather today (July 24th) was cloudy, rainy, low ceiling/clouds, so some of the high peaks
along the way were not fit for the camera - sorry, however...

We did discover...


... the Moose wanted to cross the road.

Um, um, good stuff over here

Here's Looking at ya'

Munch, munch

The low stunted slender pine growing along here is an indication
that we are within a permafrost area. Constantly frozen ground a few feet down.
The roots are not able to reach down for sub-surface moisture. The slow slender growth is also caused by the extremely short growing season.

For some reason, the town of North Pole, south & east of Fairbanks along
AK Hwy # 2, has a display of old buttons. (Above & below) How many of them do YOU remember?


Included was this carved tribute to the pipeline construction

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