The Seward area

Seward within the yellow circle

We head out of Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet
entering the Chugach National Forest area (see map below)



The breathtaking views just keep on & on...



The Seward sports & commercial small boat harbor at the head of Resurrection Bay

A map showing the nearby snow fields & glaciers.
Seward (see map below) is in the lower left of center area

Here the town of Seward can be spotted at the head of Resurrection Bay.
If you follow the red line (road) up toward the right from Seward you come to...

The Kenai Fjords & Exit Glacier

Where we find Jean obeying the Danger Sign to not get any closer to the foot of the glacier

The day was cloudy - well, actually it was raining at times - so the striking
blue ice of the glacier was not as brilliant as we have seen it in the past.
(In 2004, when we visited here as well.)
(above & below)


Glacier melt run-off

? & Jean walking back along the trail to our car in the mist

A few more few views as we head back toward Anchorage & Eagle River

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