The Valdez area

Valdez within the yellow circle

We start off along the Glenn Highway (AK Route # 1), as we head toward the wide spot on the
road known as Glennallen, then turn south on the lower portion
of the Richardson Highway (AK Route # 4) toward Valdez (see map above) - the sights are GREAT ...

... of the Chugach Mountains...

The upside down "L" shaped poles along the road way are to guide the snowplows in winter


Mt. Drum, elevation 12,010 feet.

Now heading south along the Richardson Highway, we find a way for the helicopter
to load the air mail box.   It must be, right?

Coming up on the Thompson Pass (elevation 2, 771)


A waterfall down into Keystone Canyon - See below


The Valdez Glacier has retreated out of sight around the bend

Just a few Burgie Bits to remind us of what is up there

From our hotel room, we can see two USCG "110's in the Valdez Harbor
Left, nearest to the camera: CGC Mustang, WPD-1310. Far side: CGC Long Island, WPD-1342.
The Mustang is normally stationed in the Seward area.)

Right across from the terminal of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

A cannery takes on a load from a fishing boat

The Valdez Harbor is ringed by snow covered peaks this July 20th.

The Alaska Maritime Ferry System's Ferry Chenega is in port for a load.

Back north toward Eagle River, we again cross over the Thompson Pass...


... where the weather starts to close in on us.

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