Photo of Mt. McKinley (Denali) (L) & Mt. Hunter taken July 28, 2006

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On July 16, 2006, we flew from San Diego to Anchorage to enjoy two weeks in America's Last Frontier - ALASKA. We stayed with our friends Bob & Cherie Clark, who live in Eagle River, just a short drive north of Anchorage. In a rented car, we drove south on July 19th to Seward on the Kenai Peninsula. (We drove a total of 2,193 miles on that car before we turned it in.) On the 20th & 21st we visited Valdez, just south of the Chugach Mountain Range.  On July 24th, we drove north on the Richardson Highway to Fairbanks. We spent a grand time exploring the city and some of its features & activities, including learning about the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. On July 26th we boarded a small chartered plane for a flight to Barrow, above the Arctic Circle and the furthest north city in North America. Unfortunately, just a short distance away from Barrow, the weather closed in on us. (Temp in Barrow, 32 degrees, with a dew point of 32 degrees - result: cold fog. Lot's of it.) All chartered flights, and even an Alaska Airlines flight were turned away that day. So we landed instead in Anaktuvuk Pass, a small (population about 300) native village. We spent a delightful several hours learning about the Land of the Nunamiut. Someday, perhaps next year, we hope to return to that area above the Arctic Circle for some additional explorations in these vast open spaces. We returned to Eagle River along the Parks Highway passing Denali National Park, with Mt. McKinley, at 20,320 feet, gleaming in the sun for us. For now, we just hope you will enjoy exploring what we visited, through our camera lens.

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An orientation map of Alaska - showing our travels, and/or places mentioned.