From our home in Imperial Beach we traveled toward Sacramento, CA then east to the 49er RV Park in Plymouth, CA
to attend the Phoenix Cruiser motor home owners in a relaxing time in some of California's fabled 'Gold Country'


We left Imperial Beach (the most SW town in the continental US) on Saturday, September 5th

... and traveled to Plymouth, CA - in Amador County (about an hour east of Sacramento) in the heart of Gold Country and the Shenandoah Valley - wine country.


Alan Langmuir - who you met with last year as we boated on the Sacramento River
(See < > - the first stop),
also has interests in Amador County.

During the County Fair, he and a group of volunteers
< > operate a steam engine driven rough cut saw mill operation.

Above & below - the steam engine which was rescued from the wrecking crew.

A beautiful and intricate machine.

You can see here some of the repair work which was performed in order to bring it back
into working condition.

The speed governor apparatus

Here is the steam generating boiler.

When we visited with Alan it was not in operation...

But during the fair it works hard - as seen in this pic from their web site.

After our visit to the Amador County Fairgrounds and saw mill operation, Alan took us over to a friends
place, and showed us two of Alan's tractors that Alan has restored.

A 1928 Cat !

Comes complete with an oil can.

No electric starter here, but before long...

...Alan has it off an running.

Next to start a vintage garden tractor - with a rope starter.

Which again, Alan soon masters...

And moves into position.

This friend also a steam engine buff, has this steam powered tractor.

Alan showed us his restored belt driven hack saw.

And his South Bend Lathe - very similar to one my father used to own.

Also in Plymouth - and the main reason for our visit, is the gathering of the Phoenix Cruiser
Motorhome Owners group.

We came from far and wide - including all the way from Massachusetts - for our annual gathering.


Our first evening we gather for a meet & greet session.

Kermit Fischer (the Phoenix Cruiser factory owner - who attends all of our yearly gatherings) chats with club Sec/Treas Ken Humphreys (right)

We join in for a light snack before making sure...

...our name sign is on the attendance tree.

40 units showed up this year, with over 70 owners.

President Milly greeted us...

Each morning we were able to have breakfast ...

... courtesy of the club.

The next evening we gathered for the annual pot luck dinner...

All of the food items brought by the members for the members.

A bunch of it delicious items for sure - were available...


Which we enjoyed with gusto.


Ken selling raffle tickets for the last dinner celebration goodies.

Kermit looking to interest an owner in upgrading to a new 2010 model, and answering any questions we may toss at him.

Jean looking over the Silent Auction items.

Every year, members bring items to be auctioned off - all proceeds go to the club.



Last chance to make a bid...

...before some of the higher value items are auctioned.

While in Amador County, we took the opportunity to visit a gold mine - the Sutter Creek mine.

We were driven some 500 feet below ground level in a special mine buggy...

... and we were able to see the occasional layers of quartz - where the very occasional
bits of gold lay.


Here they drill - then insert the explosive charge into the rock in hopes of finding the quartz vein.

Here a vein of quartz is being worked on.

Look with care, and you can see some gold shining in a quartz vein.


Jean boards the buggy for our return to the surface.

And there, as we near the surface, we can see the "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" that we have all heard about.

Ken leads us during an evening Sing-A-Long.
This is normally held around an outdoor campfire, but not this year with California's 'No Outdoor Fire' restrictions.




A winner (almost) every time.

We wait for our table to be called...

For our scrumptious final catered dinner.


VP Sharon Faulk (L) and President Milly Gaumont bid us
good bye, and "Will see you next year in Branson, MO."
On Tuesday, September 15th we headed south-east toward Gilbert, AZ.