Now have arrived to ...

The Peaceful side of the Smokies


Now in Townsend, Tenn - one of our more favorite places to stay.
Town population just over 200 or so. A quite place - peaceful ...

We arrived just before a downpour - buckets and buckets - on October 6th ...

And set up along side the Little River for the next 10 days or so.

We spent two enjoyable weeks last summer - in this very same spot by the river.

Just where are we?  Take a look...

Along the eastern edge of Tennessee, and Townsend is right up tight against the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Couldn't resist sharing - our view of the Little River

Where else is quite as peaceful as this view, as we 'kick back' in our chairs...

... and wait for the world to turn around us - not really caring at this point.
(Note - by the time we left - the river level had risen about 12" due to the rains)


Some of the fall decorations along Townsend roadways


Our friends Bob & Julie Schirack live here, and right across the street is the ...

... Little River Railroad Museum which Bob has been active in since it's inception.
Here we see a Shay 2147 (Class C, 70 Ton),
1909 Lima Locomotive built engine.
This is one of the 16 locomotives the company owned and operated over the years.

Check out their web site


The logging railroad had a great influence with the early history of Townsend.

We have been supporters of the museum for many years.

An early Frick steam engine. It has been converted to operate
on compressed air (note pipe coming out of ground) so the visitors can watch the action.

After a delicious brick fired pizza dinner, a goofy Bob is joined by our friend Mike Hickman.
Mike was "Birdseye" in the Christy TV series, and in the local "Christy The Musical" outdoor stage show
which ran here in Townsend for three wonderful years. Bob was also in the Townsend production, staring in three character parts.

Later, we arrive back at our camp site on the river. A wonderful home away from home.

An earlier resident of our site left us some art along the bank, a Canadian Goose perhaps?
Or has the AFLAC duck made a landing?

Life is good - as this KOA provides a diversion on a cloudy and sometimes wet day.


Last evening (10/09) we were aroused by the KOA staff of a weather warning consisting of strong winds, thunderstorms and of a tornado watch
and they advised us to take down our awning cover.  So we did as suggested, but today, all is well.

On a cloudy and dreary day - we explore the countryside...


Although still early in the fall season for colors, we find a bit - no sun so they don't stand out too well.


Much of our stay has been like this - and is forecast to remain like this...
...rain flowing off of our RV canvas awning

At just 1/2 mile from our RV is the entrance to the Park

And we find that our little "Little River", packs a bit more of a punch.

The rain & mist have settled into the mountain passes.


One of the features in the Park is the ability to visit Cades Cove an interesting preserved settlement.


The Methodist Church
The original church was built on this site in 1820. This structure replaced the original in 1902.


The Methodist Church graveyard.

Saw several groups of fawn deer at play.

The "Cove" or valley.

The LeQuire family's cantilever barn

The mill wheel for the still working Cable family grist mill - from the 1870's

Col. Hamp Tipton lived here from  the early 1870's

More deer browsing the field's

Wounded veteran, from the Battle of Shiloh, Carter Shields lived here in about 1906.


As we climb to the summit of this portion of the National Park ...

... we are treated to glimpses of sun and some color for the "Leaf Peepers."



And now...


After some unexpected sun yesterday (10/13) - the above, today, of the rain poring
off our awning - is forecast for the rest of our stay here in Townsend.

Now on October 17th, we move our way along on our travels, as we head north toward Illinois.