Branson, Missouri

From September 9th thru' the 14th we enjoyed the company of 90 fellow members
of the InterVec-Phoenix Travel Club members (of our brand motor home) in Branson .

This was our first visit to this area - other than our honeymoon some some 59 years + ago, when we were in the Ozark's

Branson is located in the south west section of Missouri.

We had 46 units which converged to the America's Best Campground's facilities in Branson.

We placed our name signs on the sign tree, and took a look around at who else was here.




Lookin' good

An owner giving homage to Phoenix's founder - Kermit Fisher.


Another owner who loves her Phoenix (Cruiser)


Registration - checking in to receive the packets, to tell us when to be where.

And we came to Branson from all over the country.

The "Slice n' Dicer" crew get to work to prepare the evenings snacks at our first get-together


The 2010 Slice n' Dice Crew

... And to the feast we enjoy ...


Drinks of your choice



Ken Humphreys greets us and welcomes us to Branson, We have returned for the first time since the club's 2001 gathering.

The next morning, breakfast is served by the ABC campground staff.

Acting Club President Kay Eldridge opens up our annual business meeting.

Kermit Fisher, Phoenix Cruiser USA founder, designer, president and general nice guy brings us our
 yearly state of the business report.
Always a highlight at our annual reunions.

We get our first look at this year's auction items.


Signing up for a chance to get a item of our choice.

Our Pot Luck Dinner in full swing.



Always a good time for fellowship.



Ken starts selling the raffle tickets during dinner.

And deserts too!

In the morning, we are off to town for a live show.

The Doug Gabriel show is a treat for all.

Doug's father made his son his first guitar from a Midas Muffler from where he worked.
Doug still plays the unique instrument with pride.

One of our club members, Frank Jezek from Michigan, helps Doug during the show - showing how Elvis would do it!

Prior to the auction we gather for some snacks and fellowship, and Kermit is always available
to assist Phoenix Cruiser (or Horizon / Falcon) owners on how to solve any problems they may have,
and to receive feedback on any modifications owners may have made.
Before long, some may become standard on future models.

Ken and Jim Weston start off the grand (not so) silent auction.
Fun for all !


And the club treasury benefits from the sale of the donated items.

Sunday evening, The ABC folks presented for us their own Hillbilly Party for our benefit.

The Homestead Pickers - a talented group

... Joined by some local ABC talent to liven up things a bit.

Can't find your suspenders? Try bungee cords.

The ABC gals in action

They try teaching Ken how to crow like a rooster - with limited success.


Band member Grey Becker shows how a Hammer Dulcimer is played.
Below - one of the hammers.


Jim seems a bit reluctant to show his stuff - so is "encouraged" a bit....


But soon shows us he has the right stuff !!


Auditioning for the Kitchen Band - blowing the jug.

The washboard ...

The spoon clacker

All together now...

A fun time this evening. Thank you ABC.
We can see why you are #1 - truly America's Best Campground, just like the sign says.

On our last day - it's Bingo with a Twist

Concentration - pay attention...


We gather for our final grand meal together before we depart


Acting President Kay at the helm

The 2010-11 Club Officers

Incoming Secretary-Treasurer at the podium to present Ken Humphreys with a special gift from the club
commemorating his 12 years of service

With the presentation of a wooden model Phoenix Cruiser.

Ken with his new Phoenix Cruiser


Next year - - New Hampshire.  See you there!