Pismo Beach, CA

Our first trip of 2010 featured a drive of about 310 miles north to the Pacific coast of central California - the beach town of Pismo Beach, where we were joined by 21 other owners of our brand of motor home. We were in Pismo Beach from April 25th thru’ the 29th, and we had a good time visiting with other Phoenix Cruiser owners as well as seeing nearby sights.



Members gather....

We arrived Sunday afternoon - and following a gather & greet session, we
left for the Lumberjacks in Love “Melodrama” followed by
a Los Vegas Vaudeville Review.
A fun evening! It started the week off in a great way - a fun time.


The Pismo Beach beach, here on the north side of the pier.

From the pier, we can view our campground location.

On Monday, we had a “free” morning & afternoon for exploration. Then in the evening, our Pot Luck Dinner.

As always, with this fine group, we had a good time - and our new InterVec-Phoenix Vice President,
Kay Eldridge - had a chance to hone her skills prior to her trial by fire @ Branson.


We had ready access to the RV Park's restaurant and meeting room.

Tuesday was a “free day” so we explored to find the elephant seals, some wineries, and the
coastal countryside - and taste tested the restaurants in the area. A planned campfire was planned for later
on in the evening but was rained out unfortunately, as the late afternoon and evening shower dampened those plans.

Wednesday was again on our own to explore the sights, but we did join together for
catered dinner at the RV Park’s restaurant’s private meeting room.


On Thursday, we reluctantly will bid our adieu's as we head back
home - but to meet up again in Branson in September.

AND - we will be back next year during the first week in May.