September, 2013
Morning Light Stables

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We pull in on a sunny day, to a familiar sight.

Getting crowded...

The following few pics, from the families CCTV system.
Here we are in the foreground...

While life goes on...

Horses being taken out in the morning...


To their paddocks.



The outdoor riding rink in use.

One of two Tack Rooms, for the horse owners riding gear.


And, because the items in the Tack Room are valuable - a "Guard Cat" is on duty.

While the horses are out, the barn is cleaned up to be ready for their return.


A yearly fall activity, making sure that the "Grass Pasture Paddocks" are lush for the spring and summer.

The indoor riding rink viewing room.


Just to give you an idea of the size & buildings involved.

Did you know what the "normal" temp is for a horse?
Now you do.

From the barn, up toward the house.

A barn improvement project.
Installing WeMo switches.

Out with the old...

In with the new...

They now have the capability to turn on/off the barn lights remotely
(via an iPhone) and / or by timers. Occasionally the horse owners
will come in during the evening, and forget to turn off the barn lights. So now the family can do it from the house via their iPhone.

Saturday evening, since the entire family was home, we took them out to dinner at "Pilot Pete's" - a restaurant in the Schaumburg airport.
Planes everywhere, outside the window in a repair hanger,
or on the landing field.

There he is!


Looking up, in the restaurant, planes everywhere.


Here we are. L to R.
Diane, Michelle, Eric, David, Brandon, Dan & Jean.

Sunday mooring was very wet, but life continues at the stable.
Here Brandon, having finished "dragging" (to make smooth) the indoor
rink, now heads for the outdoor rink.

The results of "dragging" on the indoor arena.

Now, in the rain still, smoothing out the outdoor rink to the right of the paddocks.

Brandon, returning to the barn.

And - this is the weather while all this was going on.
(We are the little green dot in the center.)

Now, a little bit of orientation.
Above: the blue dot is (about) where we are parked. You can see the house next to it. The stables, going N-S in the image, the indoor arena
 going E-W. The hay barn is off to the right a bit.
The retention pond is to the upper left, the horse trailer parking is
 adjacent to the hay barn The outside arena is adjacent to the
 stables - left in the image.
The squared off portions are the various horse exercise & grazing paddocks.

Now a larger view: See where the blue dot is. Down below in the image a the Central Middle & High schools - where Michelle, Danny, Brandon & David have gone to, or are at school.

Mmm - hamburgers & corn on the cob tonight.



Monday afternoon - Waiting for their chance to return "home."

Michelle, bringing Rowan home.
(The see-thru' hood over the head - is to keep the flies away.)

Ready ...

Kaz & Milo waiting as well.

Michelle, and Brandon leading Holden & Sam in.

How about us?

Diane leading Koz & Milo in.

David with Dolche.

Michelle with Ben & Bazooka.

They have a semi full of wood shavings for use in replacing in the stalls each day. A semi-load lasts for about a month. (The shavings come from Wisconsin.)

Something new - for us. Setting up to receive a load of hay from a neighbor.

He left his Bob Cat (like) machine here, while he went back for the load of hay.
(Only problem - it's yellow. They are a Green (John Deere) family.)

Boo just resting, waiting for the new hay to arrive.

Some of the remaining hay in the hay barn.



Sometimes it just feels like the end of the rope.

Their John Deere equipment - A Gator, a tractor, and in-between the horse trailers a lawn grass cutter.

When Eric worked "Mass Scrap" at Western Electric's Phoenix (Cable) Works,
he operated one of these. I bet he never guessed that he would own one.

David headed out with a water tank in the Gator, to fill up the water tubs in the Paddocks.

Brandon, "dragging" the inside arena.


Hay arrival.

This is a load of 15 jumbo bales (each bale contains 21 "normal" sized bales.)
So this is a load of 315 bales.

Lifting up the jumbo bales...


... to be placed in the Hay Barn.

This is "3rd cutting" hay, and is mixed in with some Alfalfa.
Some of the horses can not handle Alfalfa - for them it's like a
 high caffeine drink, and not all of the intestines can handle it.
So this load will have to be carefully distributed.



A heavy load.

Enjoying a Nick's meal. Son Mark and I having the good stuff - Anchovy Pizza, the rest, just having "other food."
Some things have developed, so Mark has flown in from Arizona
to join us. Here. L to R - Eric, Diane, Michelle & Mark. (Jean is hiding behind Michelle in this one.)

The Morning Light Stables, getting ready for the "Boo" season.

Mark, out getting a look at a Soy Bean Field.

A closer look...

And, a sample Soy Bean Plant to take home for "Show & Tell."

Our last dinner together for this trip.
L - R: Brandon, David, Eric, Diane, Mark, Michelle & Jean.

An unforeseen event, caused a cancelation of our trip at this point.

So, our next outing will be in January.