August - September, 2013
On the way to Michigan

Our first two nights out were spent at the KOA at the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vagas.

So hot, so hot. Couldn't wait to get out of there.
We then worked our way north on I-15, stopping at such (un-) memorable places at Fillmore & Pocatello, UT,

Our "normal" travel routine is to travel for two or three days with one night stopovers, but then to take a break for a two or three day stop over.

So - we did, here in West Yellowstone - for a "two nighter."
So then onward - to Buffalo, Wyoming.
Then - again, moving forward to the  Mt. Rushmore area - for a "three nighter"

Our initial view of the four Presidents.

... where we found many changes since we were last here - perhaps in 1965 or so.

No - the faces are the same, but there used to be, as we remember, just  a viewing area.

Of course, from the "North By Northwest" movie, there was a restaurant.

But, when you look above at all the current facilities and oportunities for historical enlightenment - yes, things have changed.

The "Avenue of the Flags", one for each state.

Just various views of the Monument.


Before in 1927, when Gutzon Borglum, started his artistry.

A couple of - to give you some perspective - facts:

* Washington's mouth - 18 feet wide
* Washington's nose is 21 feet long. Others are 20 ft.
* Each eye is 11 feet wide
* Each face is 60 feet tall


Inside the museum, we see how the carvings were made.
Very interesting as we looked thru' the exhibits.



The spot or shadow on the nose illustrates how a plumb bob was lowered down from above as a guide for the stone cutters as they worked from a studio scale model.

One of several early models as they worked out just which "face" or "pose" to use.

While at work - Not for the faint of heart!

The afternoon sun starts to cast its shadow.

In the evening they have a lighting ceremony, with some Native American dancing.

As we worked around toward the back, looking for the house that played a prominent part of the "North By Northwest" film - we discovered a side view.

Which gave us an excellent view of George.

While we didn't find the "North By Northwest" house, we did discover something, that apparently very few people are aware of.....

Take a look  !!

(You would think they would get tired, looking over the edge all the time, just so their faces could be seen.)

(Thank you Mark.)

Then, on the 2nd day we took a trip over to see the (under construction) carving of
"Crazy Horse."

Difficult to make out - without some assistance...
But immense it certainly is.

The face of "Crazy Horse" symbolizing all native Americans.

A diagram - indicating the amount of rock, so far removed.

"Crazy Horse" -

Crazy Horse (Lakota: Tȟaŋke Witk in Standard Lakota Orthography,[2] IPA:tχaʃʊ̃kɛ witkɔ), literally "His-Horse-Is-Crazy" or "His-Horse-Is-Spirited";[3] ca. 1840 September 5, 1877) was a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota. He took up arms against the U.S. Federal government to fight against encroachments on the territories and way of life of the Lakota people, including leading a war party to victory at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in June 1876.

After surrendering to U.S. troops under General Crook in 1877, Crazy Horse was fatally wounded by a military guard while allegedly resisting imprisonment at Camp Robinson in present-day Nebraska. He ranks among the most notable and iconic of Native American tribal members and has been honored by the U.S. Postal Service with a 13 Great Americans series postage stamp.


The future of what the carving will look like when completed.


Other views of the project...



The plan...


To give you an idea as to the scale of this project.

Our final view of the Crazy Horse Monument.


As we depart Western South Dakota with one last glimpse of Mt. Rushmore,
as we continue our journey eastward toward Michigan.

Of course - We just had to stop at the World Famous

Wall Drug Store - and so much more - in Wall, SD.


As we continued across SD, and on into Minnesota, and then into Wisconsin - we noticed that Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan have many Wind Power Generating towers. We didn't see any along our travels in Wyoming, Montana or South Dakota.


Taking a few days off near Fond du Lac, WI

"Fond du Lac" - French for "Bottom of the lake."

While in Fond du Lac, we decided to explore ...

The lake - Lake Winnebago.
Which is a 137,700 acre freshwater lake.

And  is the largest lake entirely within a single state.

As well as one of the largest inland lakes in the US.
An observation tower, undergoing some renovation, in the large Lake side City Park.

We would guess that the mailman understands which team these folks are rooting for.

Enjoying a lakeside meal with Jean.

Now we will move up to the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan to visit a child hood friend of Jean's.
Who lives in the Garden Peninsula of the UP.

To travel with us, on former visits to the UP (Upper Peninsula) , see links below:

We pulled into the Fayette Historic State Park ...
Through the space in the trees.....

.... is just a glimpse of the Big Bay De Noc, which opens
up to Lake Michigan's Green Bay.


..... Located on the Garden Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan.

Which includes a fine camping area near the Historic Town site


We are located to just the left in this image.

Jean with her long time - early childhood friend - Joyce Glenn,
who lives just outside Garden.


More views of the camping area of the Fayette Historic State Park.


Joyce in their new farm sweat shirt

Every time we are lucky enough to be in the UP
The Sticky Shanty is a MUST stop for us.

THE Sticky Shanty !!!

Where our friends, Bob & Nancy Scott produce each spring the finest Maple Syrup.
They saved some for us. Bob, here is loading up our allotment from the few containers remaining from the 2013 spring harvesting.

Joyce and Jean bid adieu on the lake shore.
Long time friend?  Well, yes. When Jean was 4 years old, and shortly after Joyce's birth, Jean went next door - Tulpehocken St, Philadelphia, and asked Joyce's mother if Joyce could come out and play.

So, we now start our way south toward Petoskey.