September, 2013
Petoskey, MI

To travel with us, on former visits to the UP (Upper Peninsula) , see links below:

We move now to Petoskey, MI

Where are we? Take a look - in  Northern Michigan, but "below the Bridge"

The first order of business is to prepare the gift bags for all of our participants.

The Club Officers arrive a few days early to ensure that all is ready.

All the "T's" are crossed, and all the various pieces should fall into place smoothly, by the time our members arrive on 9/5.

(Thank you Kay Eldridge for the photo.)

Our Pavilion meeting room.

Name boards - made every year by Charter Member Chuck Moore - for new first time Reunion attendees - to go on our Name Tree..

In keeping with our 20th Anniversary Reunion - we have available for display,
past calendars, and all of our past newsletters.
... Where we have held our Reunions for all these years.

On a table - things to do & see in Northern Michigan.



As we do a "Walk-A-Bout - lots of Phoenix Cruisers have found a home in Petoskey this September.





Now it's time to gather together for ...

Getting ready for our "Meet 'n Greet"


Our members join in and enjoy renewing prior friendships, and making new ones.

Our Name Tree is loaded with names this year.



Friday morning breakfast - flipping the 'cakes....

Served up with a smile by the KOA staff.


Settling in for our Annual Meeting.

Led by Club President, Allen Kosobucki


One afternoon, fellow member Dale Lipke & I drove up to get the Ferry tickets for our Saturday trip to the island, when .....


(And NOTE - not interested in Tractors, just fast skip down, but, otherwise...)

As we were about to get on the Interstate to go south, when what did we see but truck after truck carrying vintage farm tractors.
But where were they all going?

The suspense, and anticipation was too much.

Both Dale & I first learned how to drive on John Deere tractors, So - a change in plans, we followed them.

This was a once per year gathering, from all over (mostly northern) Michigan - for the Tractor Parade across the Bridge up to the UP.


Tractors everywhere.


All types, all "old."



Too many to count. in the several hundreds for sure.


... And this is a ??


A John Deere "Orchard" model, to not snag the branches as it went by.


Ahh - I remember this model well.
So does Dale - looking, and thinking back to his youth.

But - enough tractors, we head south to Petoskey, and ....

Now it's on to our dinner...

For our Pot Luck ...

...  extravaganza!
Enough for all.

Our Charter Members our first in line, as well they should be.



Kermit explains the technical points of our Phoenix Cruisers Inverters.
The difference between the 2007-08 models, and those from 2009 on. - And how to operate them efficiently.

Our 20th Anniversary cake

Being cut by our three Charter Member couples, and, of course, Kermit


Saturday morning - ready for our tour.

And our bus has arrived to transfer us to the boat dock in Mackinaw City for our ferry ride to Mackinac Island.


Bus & Boat Coordinators Bonnie & Dale Lipke check the list.

Kermit climbing aboard.

We had a rainy night, so be prepared.

Dale & Bonnie give the driver -"all here, let's go" word.

The jet boat kicks up a rooster tail as we travel for about 20 minutes out to the island



The island is about 3.8 square miles.

Clipity clock as we head out with our 2-horsepower "engine" - with a UPS Freight Wagon
 going the other way.
Horses and bicycles only on the island.

A grand view of The Grand Hotel -  from our boat.

Next up - "Silent Auction" - at times anything but "silent."



The Auction items are out for view.



Checking everything out - and then ....

Auctioneer Frank Jezek, assisted by Jo Harthun, put the squeeze on us all to support the club with $$'s.
And support us they did. Thank you all !!


Sunday was a day for exploring the many interesting aspects of this portion of northern Michigan.

We travel up M-119, a great tree lined and covered highway along the coastline, and then stopped for a break at the Legs Inn.

Read about it above, and below, there are the "legs" along the roof line.


Fascinating wood work shapes inside.

One of several artistically interesting doors.

A hollowed out tree to hold information for visitors.

Another door of interest.

And this is a ??

Look up, everywhere...

... Including a tree root "Serpent".

The restaurant overlooks the Lake Michigan, with dining inside, or out.


Then we travel north to the McGulpin Point Lighthouse.



Where we found, in the lighthouse keepers residence,
a pump organ similar to one we are familiar with that used to be in The Norton Place (Jean's parents place between Phillips & Strong, Maine.

And - a Singer sewing machine - of the same type that Jean learned to sew on.


A gathering ....

Sunday evening, Mike Geisler broke out his accordion, and treated us all to a delightful evening of music.

From all of us, thanks Mike!


Even the park Manager, Ken Forest had to drive by to see our groups fellowship.

A good time together


Ahh - Frank & Dee Jezek got the party swinging.


Soon to be joined by new members John Halupka & Holly Cook


A grand way to spend the evening.

Next? On Monday, our special form of Bingo - and then our final dinner together 'till next year.

Bingo Caller Allen Kosobucki, Assisted by Wheel Spinner Bob Tuerk
Keeping us all on our toes listening for our BINGO

We had a good time, and some even got to retain the prize they wanted.

Now is the time for our final dinner together for the 20th Reunion - for 2013.

We had a great time, and thank the staff, working with Park Manager Ken Forest, for a job well done.


Lining up, ready to dine together.



Good food, good people, a fine combination.


Two versions of our 2013 "Class Photo."


Hope to see all our friends for our 2014 Reunion
in Colorado Springs, CO at the
Garden Of The Gods RV Park & Resort.

- with a Cog RR ride up Pikes Peak as our feature attraction -