One of their out buildings include a log cabin, complete with a bay window...

...which Nancy plans to use as her own private work space

Lots of potential here...

An adjacent building (seen on the left in the first photo on this page) is a workshop, seen above & below.


And, a large woodpile, which will assist in keeping them warm on cool days/nights.

Just on the other side of their driveway you can spot the root cellar

The roof of the root cellar can be seen from their garden area.

A corral - used in times past

They are beginning to start their garden, here with the grape vine on the left.

Above & below, the start of a garden. Now that they will be here more,
it will be able to produce with the required TLC

The beginning of some fruit trees.

And, while resting on the hoe between weeding, you can look up at the view.