Imnaha, Oregon

Some History: Imnaha is a beautiful name for a stream that rises in the Wallowa Mountains and flows to Snake River through one of the deepest river gorges on the continent. The word was used by William Clark on a map issued with the original Lewis and Clark journals in 1814, in the form Innahar. As far as is known, Capt. Benjamin Bonneville was the first non-Indian to go into the Wallowa country. He was in the vicinity of Imnaha River in January and February 1834. It is difficult to follow Bonneville's march as described by Washington Irving, for the geography of the country is obviously confused, but the general character of the landscape is very well described, and Irving's somewhat extravagant style is quite suitable to the remarkable rock formations and almost bottomless canyons the traveler encountered. Besides the river, there is a post office named Imnaha. J. H. Horner of Enterprise, the authority on Wallowa county history, told the writer in 1927 that Imna was the name of a sub-chief and that it was the custom among the Indians to sound ha to indicate the territory ruled over by a chief. Thus Imnaha was the land ruled over by Imna. Imnaha community is on the Imnaha River at the mouth of Little Sheep Creek, about 30 miles northeast of Joseph. Imnaha post office was established on January 4, 1885, with Alex Findley postmaster.

Our trip: On Thursday, June 29 & 30, 2006, we drove Nancy Langmuir's Plymouth Van from her home in Santa Monica, Ca, to a beautiful location in Imnaha, Oregon. Traveling as well, was a U-Haul truck driven by Keith Kirts, with Nancy riding "shotgun" for that same trip. We arrived in Imnaha late on Friday the 30th. On Saturday, July 1st, we unloaded the U-Haul, and later that afternoon returned it to the nearest U-Haul dealer in Enterprise, OR, some 40 miles from their river-side place on the Imnaha River. On Sunday, July 2nd, we drove "down river" as we explored this beautiful part of extreme N-E Oregon. On Monday, July 3rd, Jean & I were delivered to Boise, ID by Keith & Nancy (the nearest airport - some five hours S-E) for a flight to Los Angeles. We then went back to Nancy's place in Santa Monica, picked up our waiting car in her driveway, and returned to our home in Imperial Beach.

The links below will permit you to learn about just where we were, and the interesting & beautiful views and scenery that we enjoyed during our visit.